Knowing Your Style – 3

We have come to the last and final part of “Knowing Your Style”

We are done with the basics,we can check out the type of style we have.

  • Boho:This style is usually artistic in nature(arty). Includes patterns,head bands,multiple chains

Boho boho 2 boho 3

  • Chic: It is one of the commonly found style.It is one of the most popular styles.Having stylish and classy designs.Thick colors with edgy difference.
  • chic chic 1 chic 2
  • Classic:A style of lasting worth and quality.It is usually accompanied with comfort,nice fabric and great tailoring.It expresses confidence.classic classic 1
  • Exotic: Image result for Exotic style Image result for Exotic styleExpresses uncommon style of fashion,pattern,mosaics.
  • Glamorous: A sexy,adorable style.It is usually attention oriented-It highlights the specific features,sometimes simple but yet gorgeous.It is often accompanied with diamonds,pearls,silk or satin.Image result for celebrity glamorous dressesImage result for celebrity glamorous dresses.
  • Preppy: Usually common with students.Girly tops,A-line skirts, Image result for preppy style sometimes worn on flats or preferably boot.
  • Punk:It is a rocky kind of style,with flamboyant colors,leather clothing and boots.Skinny jeans,Tees or Crop tops.

rock 2 jesy rock

  • Tomboy: Easy and simple.Fit in the guys style of clothing.Shirts,trousers,shoes.All For the guys.

Image result for kristen stewart tomboy tumblr Image result for kristen stewart tomboy tumblr.

  • Rocker: Edgy,wild,sassy goes in the rockers style.Boots,Leather jackets,Tops,Scarves,caps are all in details.

Rock 3 rock 4.

  • Goth:Accompanies with dark color clothing or make up.Mainly simple but stylish.


These are some styles i could lay my hands on.With this you should be able to know what style yours.No matter the kind of style you like,the main goal is to be comfortable,gorgeous and self-confident.Characteristics of such also helps in you choice of style.Self-confidence,Poise,Boldness and of all creativity.Style is not a one-pattern thing,be creative try out different styles other than your choice of style,develop a new kind of style yourself.Make it a habit to be creative.Keep styling and be fashionable.

Author’s note: I really hope i was able to help.All things stated above were all i also took into consideration in the choice of my style.I’ve tried to not be a one-way person.I don’t have a favorite color but i love blue,this didn’t hinder the colors of dresses i wore.All seen above are creative commons by me.If you have any question,suggestion,comments or idea follow me on twitter and I would follow back then you ask in a DM mode or follow and comment it below.Thank you.


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