Knowing Your Style – 2

From the first part,i talked about likes,clothes and shoes.

This time i would like to look at some basic factors.

  1. Know your body type

Determining your body type or shape is one major step in learning the kind of dresses that fit you.There are three major body types,which are:

  • Ectomorph – Narrow hips,long legs and arms. (Type 1)
  • Mesomoprh – Narrow waist,thinner joints       (Type 2)
  • Endomorph – Blocky,wide joints,wide hips     (Type 3)

Now we know the different body types,which is yours?let’s look at the different dresses for each type.

Type 1 – People in this category find it hard wearing clothes fitted to their body.(Concentrating more on the female) Bigger sized clothes will be advisable.Different lengths of clothes can be worn,mostly showing off a bit of your legs or arms.

For example: .Pleated skirts

Asos Pants sus Peg trous high-waist pants or jeans

.Just a few ideas.

Type 2:This category are easily fitted in any kind of dress.They are usually curvy,so more tightly fitted dresses are recommended.

For example:

.Skinny jeans,Pencil skirts.Bodycon dress.

Type 3: People in this category are advised to go with plus size dresses

For example:

.Plus size dresses,trousers,tops and skirt.

Once you have figured out your body type,then we can move on to talk more on likes,but this time it is about the colors.

The type of colors you like determines your choice of style.Either light are dark colors,the look is usually classy,chic,edgy.

Dark Dark 2 light light 1

In all these being said,i think you would be able to define the kind of fashion you are in for.

Author’s note: Thank you guys for reading,I am currently working on the “Knowing your style – 3″. All seen above are creative commons by me and no one else.If you have any comments,ideas,corrections feel free to let me know


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